About Us

Hello everyone!

I'm Elizabeth, the founder of Wick'd Scentsuals.

The narrative behind our brand echoes a familiar sentiment - the pursuit of the rest we all deserve.

This journey began amidst the Covid-19 pandemic when I landed my first corporate job in a BPO setting. Constantly engaging with people left me mentally and emotionally drained, highlighting the importance of self-care. Months of burnout underscored the need for a change.

Seeking professional assistance was a step in the right direction, but I also explored personal avenues such as meditation and scented candles. However, I found that the candles I purchased either fell short of expectations or were too costly to sustain.

This realization led me to learn candle-making from my sister. Crafting candles proved to be therapeutic, and the freedom to choose from a variety of fragrance oils was a delight. It dawned on me - why not share this calming experience with others in need of relaxation?

The hurdle of costs for raw materials loomed large. Transforming this passion into a business meant sourcing affordable yet top-quality materials, a challenging task. But the prospect of aiding others in finding solace, as I did, became my driving force.